Flamingo Finance has released a beta version of its new advanced trading page, bringing a familiar user interface similar to traditional centralized exchanges. The new trading section allows the user to search for specific trading pairs, view each pair’s trading history, and execute trades.

The new Advanced Trade page offers a column that shows the date and time of recent trades. It also provides a “My Trades” section, which shows the history of trades on the connected Neo wallet.

Source: Flamingo Finance

The trading view chart offers a variety of functions to analyze the history of activity. Users can scroll in or out to see shorter or longer timeframes of trading logs. Further, an indicators tab includes many metrics that can be used to analyze trade patterns.

Looking forward, Flamingo intends to implement limit order functionality. Limit orders automatically trigger a trade at the user’s pre-selected price of an asset. On centralized exchanges, the trader leaves the asset on the platform for its order book to execute the trade. Flamingo will be creating an on-chain order book where users lock assets in a smart contract that will execute the trade at a limit order’s target.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: