Neo Candy has released the alpha version of Candyclash, a risk-based NFT staking game on the Neo N3 TestNet. Users are able to test the game by collecting TestNet CANDY tokens from a faucet and minting characters.

In the game, players can use CANDY to mint villager or villain NFTs. The villager NFT is the most common, with a 90% chance of getting minted. Staked villager NFTs earn CANDY as daily rewards. However, each time they’re claimed, a portion of those rewards will be paid as “taxes” to the villain NFTs. Each villain NFT is assigned a sugar attribute – the higher the sugar value, the higher the percentage of taxes they collect from staked villager NFTs.

Source: Candyclash

Each NFT is minted using a single button function, which randomly produces a villain or villager NFT. The first 2,000 NFTs (Gen 0) were minted at a cost of 5,000 CANDY per token. It currently costs 7,000 TestNet CANDY to mint Gen 1 NFTs, but the minting cost will increase until all 10,000 NFTs have been minted.

Current functionality also allows users to level up their NFTs using CANDY, which increases attributes (i.e., CANDY claim bonuses) and determines the amount of CANDY that villain NFTs can earn. Users can also buy “action points,” which are required for staking, claiming, and unstaking. A faucet on the Candyclash website allows users to claim 50,000 TestNet CANDY tokens once per day.

At the time of press, nearly 5,900 Candyland NFTs have been minted. Approximately 3,200 Villager NFTs and 930 Villain NFTs have been staked.

To test the alpha version of the game, visit the link below: