TOTHEMOON has completed an airdrop of TTM NEP-17 utility tokens to users who hold Character NFTs from the New Moon or Waxing Crescent phases. It also released information about upcoming staking opportunities, and announced a snapshot for a Moon Device NFT airdrop.

The first airdrop of TOTHEMOON’s TTM NEP-17 utility tokens took place on Monday, Sep. 12. A total of 20,860,000 TTM were airdropped from the token supply of 1 billion. It was the first of four planned TTM airdrop events for Character NFT holders.

TTM tokens are currently available for trade on the ForthewinNetwork Swap module. Further, TTM tokens can be paired in liquidity pools against NEP, TGAS, WATT, LITH, HIST, and MAG tokens in the Double Farm module. At the time of press, there is approximately US $702,000 in liquidity across the six pools.

TTM Token Staking

Beginning around Oct. 1, users can begin staking TTM tokens on, which will yield Infrastructure Deed NFTs. Infrastructure Deed NFTs can be redeemed for a chance to mint a random Moon Infrastructure NFT.

Moon Infrastructures are necessary in the TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE to provide resources for characters (i.e., Moon Creatures) to survive, and for players to progress in the game. Additionally, Moon Infrastructures will reward users with TTM utility tokens. At the time of press, there are 12 Moon Infrastructure types, with total supplies ranging from 250 to 1,000 NFTs each, as seen in the table below.

Moon Infrastructure Total NFT Supply
Water Well 1,000
Greenhouse 1,000
Creature Facility 1,000
Moon Base 1,000
Gas Station 500
Electricity Plant 500
Mining Facility 500
Observatory 250
Communication Tower 250
Gravity Zone 250
Research Lab 250
Oxygen Center 250

Users must stake TTM, placing them into a tier, for a minimum of 30 days to earn an Infrastructure Deed NFT. The more TTM the user stakes, the higher the tier. Higher tiers reward stakers with Infrastructure Deed NFTs offering an increased chance of minting Infrastructure NFTs. Staking requirements and mint chances can be found below:

Staking Tier Token Requirements Mint Chance Attribute
7 1,000 TTM 0.35%
6 5,000 TTM 1.75%
5 10,000 TTM 4.25%
4 25,000 TTM 10%
3 50,000 TTM 25%
2 75,000 TTM 40%
1 100,000 TTM 65%

The 30-day countdown begins once the appropriate amount of TTM has been staked into the Staking Tier Pool. TTM tokens can be removed from Staking Tier Pools at any point, but any time accrued toward an Infrastructure Deed NFT will be erased.

Once an Infrastructure Deed NFT is minted, it can be traded or sold on the official TTM Marketplace or on GhostMarket.

The first round of Moon Infrastructure NFT minting is scheduled to begin in late Q4 2022.

Moon Device Snapshot

TOTHEMOON has also announced a snapshot to be held at 5:00 p.m. (UTC) on Friday, Sep. 16 for a Moon Device NFT airdrop. Moon Device NFTs unlock unique free mints of forthcoming special TTM NFT collections.

There are two ways to qualify for the Moon Device airdrop. First, a Neo wallet must hold a Moon Duo NFT. One hundred twenty Moon Duo NFTs were purchased through auction in Feb. 2022 and comprise two character types offering both Moon and Cryptonaut Points.

The second method is by pairing multi-generation Cryptonauts and their Origin traits. There are seven (i.e., all the continents), but only five pairs necessary to become eligible. To qualify for one Moon Device NFT, a wallet must hold both a New Moon and Waxing Crescent Cryptonaut NFT, and each pair must share one of the seven Origins. Five Origins need to be accounted for, therefore, the qualified wallet will have at least 10 Cryptonaut NFTs.

There is a total supply of 5,000 Moon Device NFTs, which will be distributed over seven events throughout Cycle 1. Any that are not distributed via airdrop will be put up for auction on the TTM Marketplace. The proceeds from the potential sale will be split equally amongst wallets holding a Moon Device NFT.

To be eligible for the airdrop, holders must delist NFTs from all marketplaces prior to the snapshot. Each wallet can qualify for a maximum of three Moon Device NFTs per airdrop event.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: