The AxLabs team has released neow3j v3.11.2, bringing its Java SDK, devpack, and compiler up to date with N3 RC3. Updates to the code examples have also been included where relevant, ensuring they are ready for use by Neo Frontier hackathon participants.

Developers who previously used the neow3j library will note various changes, including some renamed methods and variables across both the SDK and devpack. Constant values have been moved to a new constants package and permission defaults on contracts have been changed to require them to be explicitly set.

Users may also need to be aware of a change to the endianness of script hashes using the ContractHash annotation. These will now be returned in little-endian form when using getHash in a contract, which is the expected behavior in Neo.

The newest version also includes a few other bug fixes. Errors related to for loops in instance methods, negative number handling in the ScriptBuilder, and small switch-case statements on strings have each been resolved.

The full neow3j v3.11.2 changelog can be viewed at the following link: