Neow3j v3.19.0 has been released by AxLabs. The release centers on changes made in accordance with the Neo v3.4 update, including a new native contract method and improvements to NEP-17 balance query responses.

Developers will find the devpack and SDK each updated with the ContractManagement “hasMethod” function, which can check that a given method exists in a contract. A new method in the smart contract package was added in order to retrieve iterator values from RPC in the event that the connected node has sessions disabled.

The DTO classes for fetching NEP-17 and NEP-11 balances were each updated with support for the symbol, decimal, and name fields introduced alongside other Neo v3.4 changes.

AxLabs also migrated unit and integration tests from the JUnit 4 test framework to version 5. The test code base received some refactoring to account for the changes.

The full changelog can be viewed at the following link: