AxLabs has opened pre-registration for 1ClickNode, its new Web3 node deployment service. As a promotion for early adopters, a free tier is available for users who pre-register.

The new venture targets a unique problem space encountered by new Web3 developers, namely the issue presented in maintaining a constant and correct interface with a targeted blockchain. 1ClickNode is intended to abstract the complexity of node operation away from the developer, allowing them to focus on the core product they are building.

The service integrates directly with well-known cloud provider marketplaces, such as DigitalOcean and Amazon AWS. The team notes that the solution will provide users with a seamless setup while still offering control over the node configuration.

1ClickNode targets developers from a range of backgrounds, including dApp developers, DevOps engineers, and blockchain learners. Initially, the service will be compatible with the Neo N3 blockchain, though plans are in place to extend this compatibility to other platforms in the near future.

Pre-registration is open on the official website: