AxLabs has released a new neow3j update that introduces several new features across the devpack and SDK. Version 3.16.0 brings with it new utilities for designating contract groups, retrieving signatures from invocation scripts, and a customProperties method for NFTs that returns a map with stack item values rather than a string.

Devpack improvements included new support for the instanceOf keyword, now available for use with Hash160, Hash256, ECPoint, and other types. Additionally, the team added a struct annotation for marking classes used as struct instances and a new NeoStandards emum, simplifying declaration of supported standards such as NEP-17 and NEP-11.

Another useful new feature is the ability to generate a transaction JSON that can be signed using neo-cli. This can make it easier for developers to build and relay custom transactions without directly using a private key.

The full changelog can be viewed at the following link: