Neow3j has been updated to v3.18.1, introducing a range of minor improvements. The latest changes by AxLabs include new diagnostics in invocation results, reduced GAS costs when initializing empty arrays, and bug fixes.

On the contract development side, Java developers will be able to leverage the ability to create Hash160, Hash256, and ECPoint values from a constant string. The compiler was also updated to substitute in a more GAS efficient opcode in cases where empty arrays are being initialized.

A bug fix in the form of a hexadecimal validity check when converting from hexstring to bytearray was added to the SDK, along with improved flexibility in usage of the ECPublicKey constructor.

The SDK also received new diagnostics that can be retrieved alongside invocation results. Data such as the contracts that have been invoked and any resulting storage changes caused by the invocation will help developers analyze errors and refine their applications.

The full changelog for the new update can be read at the following link: