AxLabs has released Neow3j 3.21.2, bringing the development framework up to speed with the recent updates in Neo’s 3.6.2 version. This update introduces new features such as transaction cancellation and transaction signer retrieval at the VM level.

In the SDK, two new methods have been integrated into the native PolicyContract interface. These methods allow for the setting and fetching of GAS fees required for transaction attributes, although setting these fees is restricted to the Neo Council.

Another significant addition is support for the new canceltransaction RPC method. As the name suggests, this function allows users to cancel transactions that have been transmitted but not yet included in a block. Its inclusion in the toolkit makes it easy for applications building with Neow3j to offer this functionality to their regular users.

On the devpack side, the native StdLib contract now includes a method to get the number of characters in a string, differing from the String.length method, which returns its byte length. A new Syscall has been added, enabling the retrieval of transaction signers within smart contract code through Runtime.currentSigners. Furthermore, the devpack also mirrors the SDK’s update to the PolicyContract interface, providing the same functionalities for setting and fetching GAS fees for transaction attributes.

The original release notes may be found at the link below: