AxLabs has released v3.13.1 of Neow3j, making the toolkit fully compatible with the latest Neo v3.0.3 version. Alongside new SDK and compiler improvements, Neow3j v3.13.1 brings with it the first version of the team’s new test framework for Java smart contracts.

The test framework is designed to give developers a seamless experience when testing smart contracts. Included in the devpack-test module, the functionality makes it easy to create an automated testing suite for smart contracts using Neo Express under the hood.

An example Java smart contract and integration test have been provided to demonstrate the initial version of the test framework. 

Other recent additions to the toolkit’s SDK include support for the new StateService-based RPC methods, methods for signing strings, and extensions for the TransactionBuilder and Account to support the creation of transactions with no verification script.

The compiler also received improvements in the new build. Examples are support for Java’s assert statement, a helper method for converting an integer to a byte array, and a new exception to be thrown when a developers attempts to fire an event in a contract’s verify method.

The full Neow3j changelog can be found at the link below: