COZ has updated Boa with support for recent Neo advancements. In v0.11.4, Python contract developers will find new native contract methods and contract standards detection.

Following recent development, Boa can now detect smart contracts that follow the NEP-11 or NEP-17 standard and update the manifest’s supported standards field accordingly. This feature functions as a compliance check and removes the need for a developer to explicitly declare supported standards.

Boa also received a number of changes which adapted it to improvements in the Neo core as of v3.2. Examples include the getAddressVersion interop, and new native methods for Murmur32 hashing, fetching candidate data and unvoting, and getting additional transaction details.

The update also brings a pair of bug fixes, one fixing a runtime error in methods when passing another method as an argument, and the other addressing an incorrect type evaluation that could occur within if statements.

The changelog can be read at the following link: