City of Zion (CoZ) has published the May 2018 “Proof of Working” update, which details the progress made by the development community over the last month. City of Zion is comprised of open source enthusiast who are dedicated to helping NEO achieve its full potential.

The May report details a new workflow implemented by CoZ to help NEO achieve its goal of being the number one blockchain by 2020. The new process begins with the development of an ‘experimental blockchain’ that will enable the testing of various new consensus and VM solutions. This will dovetail in with the new neo-sharp architecture, allowing for further flexibility in the testing of various modules. When a change has been successfully tested in neo-sharp, it will be proposed as a NEO enhancement protocol.

On the topic of neo-sharp, a great deal of progress was reported for May, with seven community developers contributing to the following updates:

  • Application — command line interface and feature implementation
  • Network — mutli-protocol implementation, compression, protocol versioning and message handling
  • Persistence — multiple-repository support with current support for Redis or RocksDB, as well as support for both binary and JSON persistence formats
  • Testing — mock framework and unit test implementation across project areas with code coverage analysis reporting

A team of City of Zion contributors will be flying to Shanghai in July to undertake a development sprint with the NEO Global Development team. The purpose of the sprint will be to further accelerate neo-sharp development, which is widely seen as becoming the new reference implementation for NEO.

The May Proof of Working report also details progress on five other CoZ core projects: neo-python, neo-local, neo-hypervm, neon-js, neo-go and neo-debugger. The full report can be found at the link below:

Anyone who is interested in becoming a City of Zion contributor should join the NEO Discord and seek out the development channels, and visit the City of Zion GitHub.

NEO News Today will also soon be running a series on City of Zion projects and their maintainers, so interested readers can keep an eye out or sign up to our weekly newsletter for updates.

More information on City of Zion can be found at the links below.