City of Zion has released a new update to the Neon light wallet, designated version 2.1.0. The new release features several new features, including support for multiple Ledger Nano addresses, alongside various optimizations and bug fixes.

The full changelog also noted that the update included test coverage and code quality improvements, in addition to dependency and security updates.

New features

One of the most notable updates is support for multiple public addresses when signing in using the Ledger Nano hardware wallet. This functionality allows a user to control multiple addresses from a single Ledger device, which may help limit risk exposure when using new applications.

The new version also features an updated Activity page, which features a few improvements:

  • Unconfirmed (pending) transactions are now displayed
  • Polling has also been added, removing the need for users to manually refresh the page when waiting to see a transaction be confirmed
  • NEP-5 tokens that are manually added to the Neon wallet will now display their symbols in the tab
  • More detailed error messages have been added

Users will also be able to benefit from several UX improvements, including the transfer of NEP-5 tokens without dependency on Neoscan, the ability to delete contacts from list view, and the ability to copy public addresses in the activity page even if it is already listed as a contact.

The QR code functionality has also been improved, allowing users to send or request payments using QR instead of manually writing or copying addresses. To accompany these improvements, webcam support has been enhanced so that QR codes may be easily scanned.

Bug fixes

The Neon wallet update also includes a list of bug fixes, ranging from the relatively obscure to more notable issues that have impacted the user experience. A bug that caused the dashboard to crash due to an incorrect payload from the CryptoCompare API (used for price graphs) has been fixed.

The node selection page is intended to let users manually change to a different RPC node if the automatically selected node is preventing the wallet from functioning as intended. A bug that prevented the node selection page from rendering has been fixed, but the automatic node selection algorithm has also been improved, which is hoped to remove the need for users to manually change node in the first place.

Various other bug fixes, including fonts not loading correctly in some places and issues related to specific token fiat values (SOUL) or transfer functionality (RHT) have also been resolved. A full list of bug fixes can be found in the official changelog.

The latest version may be downloaded at the following link: