City of Zion have released Neon Wallet v0.2.0. It can be downloaded from the following link –

EDIT – Shortly after the release of v0.2.0, a bug was found that prevented tokens from appearing on the token sale page. This was quickly fixed and version v0.2.1 was released. This is the link below.

Bug fixes and updates include –

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed various math issues that would cause transactions and claims to fail.
  • Fixed issue with NEP-5 token balances not displaying.
  • Fixed “out of date” wallet notification to not display for new releases.


  • Added load balancing for API requests.
  • Added NEP-5 script hashes for IAM, ONT, THOR.
  • Updated GAS claim to wait for updated claims before calculating amount.
  • Updated Ledger dependencies & implementation to address issues with hardware wallets.
  • Updated dashboard to hide zero-balance NEP-5 tokens.
  • Updated send modal to not close when “escape” key is pressed.
  • Updated underlying architecture for simplified development & future improvements.