COZ has recently introduced BoaBot, an AI tool crafted to aid Neo N3 developers in writing Python smart contracts. Hosted on the COZ Discord’s #develop channel and powered by ChatGPT, this service is currently available for beta testing.

Training for BoaBot was centered on the neo3-boa compiler, a tool used to convert Python code into NeoVM contract bytecode. Developers who seek guidance or encounter challenges when building contracts can engage BoaBot for immediate and relevant answers.

While BoaBot’s primary objective is to assist with neo3-boa compiler-related queries, it’s worth noting that the bot can also tackle basic questions about other Neo components. However, such services are beyond the bot’s primary scope, and users might experience varying degrees of accuracy in those responses.

After joining the COZ Discord, users can begin testing BoaBot by tagging @BoaBot in a message within the #develop channel. The service is free, and COZ has noted its eagerness to receive feedback from the community to find potential areas of improvement.

The original announcement may be read at the following link: