COZ has launched Dojo, a new website designed to act as a technology hub and learning center for developers building with the Neo blockchain. The launch was accompanied by two articles, one introducing the website and the other providing a walkthrough of the basic structure of a Neo dApp and an example of how to begin development.

In its introductory article, the team notes its desire to provide common ground for the various tools, projects, and technical minds in the ecosystem. The Dojo website will act as a knowledge portal for developers, introducing them to the tools they need to build applications and how to put them to use.

The second article included with the launch is a tutorial that demonstrates how to create and deploy a simple Neo N3 smart contract to a private network, then how to interact with it from a web page. This walkthrough makes use of COZ’s own tools, the Boa compiler and the Neon.js SDK, in addition to Neo Express by NGD Enterprise.

New content added to the site in the future will cover the use of more advanced functionality and feature resources for tooling created by other communities. Over time, COZ intends to establish Dojo as a comprehensive resource for Neo development across all of its supported languages.