COZ has released Boa v0.7.0 to support Python smart contracts on the latest Neo3 preview network. The update introduces new interops and provides additional contract examples for developers. COZ also began distributing invitations for its closed Neon wallet mobile beta testing program.

Boa v0.7

Preview5 support is the most significant change in the latest Boa version, which enables Python developers to write and compile smart contracts for the current Neo3 preview network. Atomic Swap and Wrapped Neo contract examples have also been included.

Other notable changes in v0.7 include the Storage.Find and Iterator interops, and support for several built-in Python functions: exit, min, max, and the list methods insert and remove. Boa also received a number of bug fixes in the update, such as compilation failures caused during byte value concatenation.

Preview5 TestNet GAS can be acquired from the official faucet and used to pay for contract fees or other network interactions.

The latest Boa version can be downloaded at the link below:

Neon wallet mobile

COZ team also recently began closed beta testing of its new mobile wallet. Neon wallet for mobile is now available on both iOS and Android to selected beta testers. COZ introduced a bug bounty campaign in an email sent to invitees, offering tiered GAS rewards to bounty submissions based on the bug’s severity.

Screenshot of Neon mobile UI

The Neon wallet desktop app was the first light wallet developed for the Neo blockchain. The beta release marks the first time it is available on mobile devices.