COZ has released new updates for the components in its Neo Python suite. Both the smart contract compiler Boa and the Mamba SDK have been made compatible with the v3.0.x node version used for the formal TestNet and MainNet.

Most updates to the tools focused on compatibility changes, covering new features added at the time of RC4’s initial release. Changes include the new syscalls for getting the network magic number and a random number, an oracle response code for unsupported content types, and the addition of a nonce to block headers.

Boa received support for Python’s builtin count method for strings, returning the number of occurrences of a substring in a given range. The string split method was also updated with the addition of an optional maxsplit parameter.

Another notable addition to Boa is support for importing user-created modules. This means developers can compile contracts that import code from other modules, facilitating multi-file contract compilation and paving the way for vetted contract libraries similar to OpenZeppelin.

New developers can follow the Hello World dApp tutorial on Dojo to get first hand experience using Boa to write contracts alongside various other elements of dApp development.

To jump straight into the tools, Python developers can quickly install Mamba or Boa via pip using the guides below: