COZ has released a preview version of Neon Wallet v2.10 with WalletConnect support and a compatible N3 voting frontend, allowing users to participate in governance before the formal release.

Both Ledger and non-Ledger users of Neon Wallet can now use the latest build, RC5, to cast their votes directly without needing to use other wallet solutions. Unlike NeoLine and O3 Wallet, which use a shared dAPI standard, Neon uses the 2.0 version of the popular WalletConnect protocol to facilitate connectivity between dApps and wallets.

After updating to 2.10, users that wish to vote on N3 can visit COZ’s Quickvote app. Quickvote is a WalletConnect-compatible dApp that allows users to cast votes for N3 governance candidates, similar to the official Neo Governance portal. The Quickvote service is designed as a temporary solution for use until WalletConnect is integrated with the official portal directly.

Voting in Neon Wallet with WalletConnect and Quickvote

COZ has provided a walkthrough for performing votes with Neon and Quickvote. After logging into a wallet and using “Connect Wallet” on Quickvote, a WalletConnect QR code is provided. For use with Neon for desktop, the “Copy to Clipboard” option should be used.

Users can then visit the new dApps feature in the Neon Wallet, click the connect option and paste the WalletConnect string. After confirming the connection, the voting interface on Quickvote should be visible, allowing a candidate to be selected and votes to be cast.

The new functionality works the same way for both Ledgers and non-Ledger users, though the former will need to enable custom transaction signing first. A short guide and video have been provided to show how this setting can be switched on the Ledger N3 app.

After enabling the feature, Ledger users can vote by following the same steps listed in the COZ walkthrough and signing the transaction on their device. While going through the signing flow, users can see the full invocation script in Neon Wallet and can also verify fees, the witness scope, and other transaction information before giving approval on the Ledger device.

The original announcement from COZ can be viewed at the following link: