COZ recently published new versions of the Neon Wallet for desktop and the Boa compiler for Python contracts. The new wallet update introduces new features to prepare the application for Neo3, whilst Boa improvements open up new areas of the Python language to developers on Neo3.

Neon Wallet

The new wallet version, v2.6.0, brings with it a number of design enhancements for both the light & dark modes to reflect COZ’s recent brand update. The wallet was also changed under the hood, fixing an edge case balance display bug, various issues related to translation, and adds major dependency updates.

Neon v2.6.0 also provides new pieces of functionality, including a reset button for the network configuration, support for automatic over-the-air updates, and changes to ensure compatibility with Neon mobile. These changes are designed to prepare COZ’s wallet for the upcoming launch of Neo3.

The new Neon wallet version can be downloaded at the link below:

Boa compiler

Boa, a compiler for Neo smart contracts written in Python, has been under consistent development in the lead up to the Neo3 launch, with two new updates being rolled out in October.

At the start of the month, Boa v0.4.0 brought a number of new pieces of functionality to the compiler, opening up new areas of the Python language to Neo3. New features include support for the `global` keyword, chained assignments, a new built-in range function, and validation for try-except statements.

This version also included a new smart contract example, introducing an ICO template to go along with the previously released NEP-5 token contract example. Alongside minting functionality, this new template also shows how developers could implement a whitelist for KYC-approved addresses.

The v0.5.0 update was released at the end of October, building on the work done in the previous release by adding validation for try-finally branches. This update also included conversions for a number of new interop methods, such as time, height, and gasLeft. Finally, the update also aimed to better facilitate unit testing, assisted through the addition of new execution tests from the official C# compiler Test Engine.

The latest Boa updates can be found at the link below: