COZ has released v0.10.1 of Boa for N3, featuring compatibility with Python 3.9 and Neo v3.1, the latest version of the N3 protocol. The Boa update features new custom smart contract interfaces and support for new Python builtin methods.

The contract interfaces are the most notable enhancement in the new release, allowing developers to create their own classes for use when interfacing with other contracts. This circumvents the need to directly use the ContractCall syscall to invoke another contract. An example NEP-17 contract interface has been included with the release, along with other example classes.

Developers will also find support for the following new Python builtin methods in v0.10.1:

  • str: join, startswith, upper, lower, index, isdigit, strip
  • list: copy
  • dict: pop, copy

The update also includes several bug fixes: an issue with insert in the first position of lists, an error with user package imports, and incorrect code generation when calling class methods from objects, to name a few.

The full changelog may be viewed at the link below: