COZ has released Neon Wallet v2.12.3 which provides preliminary support for NFTs amongst other improvements. Additionally, TOTHEMOON and Flamingo announced support for Neon Wallet via WalletConnect.

Version 2.12.3

Users are now able to view their NFT balances on Neon Wallet by using a new filter in the Token Balances component. The token symbol, contract name, and the quantity of NFTs of this type held in the wallet are all displayed.

All tokens that follow the NEP-11 standard can be viewed in the list, however Neon does not currently display token-specific metadata, including NFT images. Instead, the NFT token menu is accompanied by a link to GhostMarket. Opening the link will open a watch-only page for the wallet address on GhostMarket, where NFTs can be viewed in more detail.

Likewise, currently it is not possible to directly transfer NEP-11 tokens using the Neon desktop wallet. However, Neon users can login to GhostMarket using the site’s WalletConnect functionality. Connecting this way allows users to perform all standard actions on the site, including minting, burning, auctioning, bidding, trading, or transferring NFTs with the transactions signed via Neon.

Two updates to the WalletConnect integration were added: one to trigger a WalletConnect session disconnect when exiting the wallet, and another which altered the WalletConnect interface to use RPC nodes rather than Dora for retrieving contract ABI data.

On the bug fixing front, alignment issues and unnecessary recursion were removed from the activity tab. An error in the network switching logic when moving between MainNet and TestNet has been resolved, preventing users from needing to manually refresh the dashboard to fetch correct wallet data.


Flamingo Finance has added support for Neon Wallet via WalletConnect. Neon users can now participate in trading and staking on the DeFi platform, although Ledger support is not yet available. An update to the Ledger app is currently pending with the Ledger team that will enable hardware wallet functionality on Flamingo.

TOTHEMOON also added Neon Wallet support to its Marketplace, allowing its users to buy, sell, and store TTM NFTs with the Neon Wallet. Ledger support is available for TTM users. Additionally, TTM has integrated OneGate support, allowing users to trade on the marketplace via mobile devices.

The new version of Neon Wallet desktop can be downloaded at the following link: