COZ CEO Tyler Adams facilitated a workshop with the FanGarde team at the University of Colorado – Boulder campus on Wednesday, Jan. 25. The two and a half hour workshop offered an overview of COZ’s tools, launching smart contracts on the Neo blockchain, and steelmanning the FanGarde architecture.

FanGarde (formerly called SeatFuse) is a ticketing platform project that aims to leverage NFTs to eliminate issues associated with inauthentic tickets, scalping, and untraceable tickets within secondary markets. The FanGarde team is composed of students and members of the CU Blockchain Club and recently received an NNT Student Grant to start a project on the Neo N3 blockchain.

The CU Blockchain Club was introduced to the Neo ecosystem in Nov. 2022 when Neo Colorado conducted a workshop on campus. At the event, students were onboarded by creating a wallet, receiving NEO and GAS, claiming a NeoNS domain name, minting a NEP-17 token, and creating a liquidity pool on Forthewin Network.

The FanGarde team intends to incorporate Neo through smart contracts, NFTs, and by utilizing the NeoNS domain name service. Since the onboarding event, the team has acquired the fangarde.neo domain name and launched an MVP on their website.

In a conversation with Neo News Today about the workshop, co-founder Leo Nguyen indicated that the event was a useful learning experience for the development of the FanGarde platform. He said, “We were excited to learn how to create smart contracts to make automated agreements that are immutable.”

To learn more about FanGarde, visit the link below: