Neo community developer Robert Oschler has published the third episode of From Ethereum to Neo. Driven by a grant from Neo News Today, the video series is an educational resource designed to guide Ethereum developers through the process of migrating a Solidity contract to C# for use on the Neo network.

The new video builds on the groundwork laid in lesson two. The previous episode highlighted differences in persistent storage for the two platforms. Continuing on, lesson three outlines the fundamentals to keep in mind while converting from Solidity to C#.

Lesson three begins with guides for converting between the primary data types used on the two platforms. Other various language-specific conventions follow, such as import statements and constant declarations. Oschler then provides instruction on the creation of events (notifications) and demonstrates the use of classes to replace Solidity structs.

Instruction on error reporting follows, including tips to assist local debugging. Oschler also gives a step-by-step walkthrough of converting a Solidity function to C#. Each step of the process is narrated to show the translation of logic between the two languages.

Developers interested in joining future interactive labs for the series can sign up for the mailing list here. The video series should be watched in order and can be easily viewed via the provided playlist.