nDapp.org has completed its Gleeder integration, offering users an alternative frontend to the official page when using the service. The update is intended to increase accessibility and awareness of Gleeder, a tool that helps users swap NEO into GAS without needing GAS to pay for the transaction beforehand.

This marks the third major Neo on-chain tool integration for nDapp users, following the introduction of governance voting and token swapping capabilities via Flamingo.

Gleeder is designed to facilitate transactions for first-time users of the Neo N3 blockchain. Addresses that migrated NEO from Legacy or bought tokens from an exchange can start accumulating claimable GAS, but have no current GAS balance to perform a vote or other action on the network.

This problem can be avoided by using a different address (which has GAS) to pay for the transaction. In Gleeder’s case, a proxy contract is used to sponsor the upfront GAS fees of executing the transaction. A small amount of the GAS from the trade is sent to the proxy, compensating it for the transaction fees paid, and the remaining GAS is returned to the user, ready for future transactions.

At the time of press, only NEO to GAS conversions are supported. Other NEP-17 tokens that are tradable on Flamingo could potentially be added, depending on support from Gleeder.

Users can test nDapp’s Gleeder integration via the homepage: