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A decentralized workforce platform

Moonlight is a platform for contract and freelance work that will make employment more appealing to both contributors and project owners.

Introducing Moonlight

A new project called Moonlight, founded by members of City of Zion, was unveiled by lllwvlvwlll at the NEO @ Cambridge event on December 13th, 2017. Moonlight is currently being developed by lllwvlvwlll, afong, totalvamp, birmas and yenct15, and is a decentralized workforce platform for the blockchain ecosystem. The initial phase of the project will focus on recruitment of resources, and aims to smooth the process of identifying and onboarding talent with verified skills.

Moonlight will initially concentrate on three issues, with the first being access to critical resources. It is currently very difficult to find resources for projects within the blockchain space. People who frequent the NEO #develop channel will have seen that users often come looking for talent of a particular skill. Once a resource is found, they become unavailable to other projects, further decreasing the amount of talent available on the market.

Whilst this can be healthy in a competitive marketplace, the Moonlight team are of the opinion that open knowledge and resource sharing is the most beneficial strategy for building the blockchain ecosystem.

The second issue is effective staffing on projects, to which the solution also resolves the first issue. Moonlight will feature a trustless mechanic to guarantee the skillset and experience of potential contributors in concert with a match making search function.

To illustrate how this works, a project owner creates Task A, and tags three skills - X, Y and Z. Through the match making search feature, a contributor is selected. When the task is finished a record of completing a task requiring skills X, Y and Z is recorded to the contributor's profile. This becomes verified upon the project owner acknowledging the task as complete. As records of a user's public contributions are immutable on the platform, this becomes a trustless method of verifying talent and experience.

This also addresses the third issue, which is difficulty in establishing confidence in project teams. One huge problem in the blockchain space is determining whether a project is a scam or if the team has the experience to deliver promised functionality. Users will often resort to hunting down LinkedIn profiles which can be faked or exaggerated. Through Moonlight, investors will be able to assess project teams and probability of success without worrying about the reliability of the information. All skills will be verifiable on the public ledger.

Moonlight will feature a token, however tokenization and distribution mechanics have not been finalized. There are also further dimensions to Moonlight that will be revealed closer to the white paper release in 2018. To keep up to date with the project you can sign up to the mailing list at


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December 13th, 2017 - Moonlight is announced

December 2017 - Update #1

Terms and Token Concept

January 2018 - Update #2

February 2018 - Update #3

Q1 2018 - White paper release