Neo Global Development has announced the development of Neo blockchain integration with the open-source Rosetta standard. Rosetta is a Coinbase-led project that aims to simplify the integration of blockchains with the wallets, websites, and exchanges that support them.

The Rosetta project states in its documentation:

We firmly believe the standard endpoints, standard structure of data, and standard communication protocol specified…go a long way in making blockchain integration much faster, easier, and reliable for everyone involved.

Neo’s contributions to the Rosetta standard come in the form of a plugin for Rosetta’s Data API and a plugin for Rosetta’s Construction API.

Rosetta Data API

Rosetta’s Data API implementation standardizes the format of “calls” — data requests — to a blockchain node to access blocks, past transactions, and balance data.

Exchanges supporting the Rosetta API are expected to have much faster integration and onboarding with blockchains that support the standard than would otherwise be possible.

Rosetta’s Data API is also specifically designed to simplify cross-blockchain applications, as cross-chain applications can use the Rosetta API implementation to interpret data from each supported blockchain instead of writing and maintaining custom code for each blockchain.

Rosetta Construction API

Just as the Data API standardizes reading data from blockchains, Rosetta’s Construction API is a standard format that developers can use to write to a blockchain.

Rosetta’s Construction API implementations are designed to run in a completely offline environment for maximum security. The Construction API also utilizes detached transaction signing. In practice, this means that the Construction API provides data payloads for exchanges, wallets, and platforms to sign and broadcast, and does not directly perform the transaction signatures using sensitive private keys.

Neo’s full Rosetta integration announcement can be viewed at the following link: