NEO Global Development has released the latest version of the NEO-CLI client, featuring updates that aim to improve node performance and help manage network congestion. The latest release, v2.9.2, can be downloaded here and is expected to be applied to consensus nodes in the near future.

The changelog for the latest release is as follows:


  • Add new plugin type: IPersistencePlugin.
  • Allow listing loaded plugins and showing help messages for plugins.


  • Allow opening wallet for RPC server after startup.
  • Allow creating iterator from array in API: Neo.Iterator.Create.
  • Improve the performance of p2p network.


  • Fixed an issue where getting NEP-5 balance failed if the wallet contained a large number of addresses.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the NeoVM execution state to be inconsistent.
  • Fixed “too many open files” error.
  • Fixed an issue in MerkleTree.


  • Remove Neo.Witness.GetInvocationScript.(smart contract)

The main improvements include updates to the Akka implementation, which was causing performance issues with nodes, and the implementation of the new priority transaction system. In the new system, transactions with an attached fee lower than 0.001 GAS will be treated the same as free transactions.

The update also added a small consensus refactor with some improvements, although these changes are still in development and require further refinement. The highest priority change now is the implementation of the commit phase of consensus, which needs to be ported to the Akka model and is required to prevent the ‘block fork’ issue.