NGD Enterprise has published a preview release of the Neo Debugger for Visual Studio. The release is the first component of the Neo Blockchain Toolkit to become available for Visual Studio, a full-featured IDE from Microsoft which is currently the second most popular development tool after VS Code.

The integration makes use of the Debug Adapter Host, a component for Visual Studio which was designed to help port across debug adapters created for VS Code. For its initial release, the Neo Debugger for Visual Studio has been tested with the 2019 version of the software.

A follow-up tweet from NGD Enterprise’s development lead Harry Pierson confirmed that other tools in the Neo Blockchain Toolkit will soon join the Debugger in the Visual Studio IDE. Images showed the Visual DevTracker running within VS 2019, being used to interpret block data from the N3 MainNet.

Some preliminary documentation has been added that provides usage information along with links to some example launch configurations used to start debugging.

The initial release of the Debugger for VS can be downloaded at the link below: