Following the Dec. 2023 Pre-Alpha launch, Neo has released the Alpha version of its Neo X TestNet. This latest iteration brings improvements to the network’s performance and user experience, marking another step forward in Neo’s EVM sidechain development.

Key Enhancements in the Alpha Version

The Alpha Version of Neo X TestNet features several enhancements, as detailed below.

Multi-Nodes and Consensus Module Improvements

The Alpha TestNet operates on seven consensus nodes, with a tolerance for 2 out of 7 faulty validator nodes, as provided by dBFT. Notable improvements include:

  • Enhanced stability in the consensus module, including reliable multi-nodes consensus and proper module shutdown
  • Reworked RPC API methods from the dBFT engine
  • Better consensus mechanism consistency provided by transaction requesting functionality
  • Adaptation of block coinbase and difficulty fields to include Neo X-specific data related to governance and consensus stability

Interoperability Layer from Neo N3 TestNet to Neo X TestNet

A major feature of the Alpha Version is the interoperability layer, enabling token and data transfer between Neo N3 (NeoVM) and Neo X (EVM). Key aspects of this feature include:

  • A ‘native bridge’ embedded at Neo X genesis as a precompile, forming an integral part of the network
  • A decoupled architecture for enhanced security, with bridge validators and relayers operating separately
  • Seven bridge validators to ensure the validity of token/data transfers
  • Support for GAS token transfers, with plans to extend support to other tokens/data
  • An initial version of a bridge dApp

Early-Access Group

Developers are invited to apply to join the Early-Access Group to test and provide feedback on Neo X’s features. Participation in the group offers direct support from the core development team and access to essential testing resources. Input from members will be crucial in refining Neo X and enhancing the overall developer experience.

Following a large response to applications on the heels of the Pre-Alpha TestNet, Neo has noted that at this stage the TestNet exploration is specifically tailored for seasoned developers. Not all applications will be approved during this phase, but non-developer users are encouraged to stay tuned for future public participation opportunities.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: