The NEO Tracker team has announced the latest release of NEO•ONE, an end-to-end SDK for developers building dApps on Neo using JavaScript or TypeScript.

Version 2.7 focused on updates to the smart contract compiler, enabling it to emit additional files, such as standardized debug info or the compiled AVM, and included a number of other bug fixes and general improvements. New compiler features can be accessed through the updated CLI and are intended to give developers the freedom to use other tools during contract development, such as deploying contracts compiled with NEO•ONE to other test environments.

Further integration will use the debug info to make it possible for TypeScript contracts to be debugged in other tools, such as the Neo Blockchain Toolkit. The toolkit’s contract debugger can currently be used with files generated from Neo’s C#, Python, and Go compilers.

The team also provided improvements to the NEO•ONE documentation, with updates to the information on the compiler, contract deployment process, community contribution guidelines, and other areas of the website.

NEO•ONE 2.7 is noted to be the last milestone release for building applications on Neo 2.x. Minor fixes may be released for the 2.x version over time, however the team has reiterated that its main focus moving forward is on Neo3 compatibility.

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