Following its announcement at the Neo Community Assembly 2019 press conference, NEO-ONE has released the 2.0 version of its all-in-one development suite for Neo contracts. The 2.0 release is noted to be the first production-ready build, allowing developers to deploy TypeScript smart contracts to the Neo MainNet. NEO-ONE 2.0 is the final release before the team focuses its efforts on Neo3 compatibility.

During the recent NEO Community Assembly, NEO-ONE founder Alex DiCarlo offered ecosystem developers a first look at the new tools, reiterating the project’s ambition to dramatically reduce the barrier to entry for dApp development.

NEO-ONE provides all necessary tooling for a developer to build a functional TypeScript blockchain application in as little as 30 minutes. Editing, compiling, and debugging is all handled via a toolkit that can be launched with as little as one command, or accessed directly from the browser.

The team also developed a JavaScript Neo node implementation, which is used to run an in-browser blockchain that developers can use to interact with any contracts they deploy. Coupled with automated testing and version management facilities, it is hoped that NEO-ONE will encourage the creation of a new generation of cross-platform blockchain applications.

Additionally, support for the dAPI standard has been implemented to allow applications built using the toolkit to interact with existing users and wallets. To ensure a natural onboarding process for existing JavaScript developers, improvements have been made that better facilitate interaction between NEO-ONE and the Angular and Vue frameworks.

The solution also offers guides, courses, and detailed documentation to quickly enable users to get started. To further increase productivity, the NEO-ONE team also integrated its solution into CodeSandbox, a web-based code editor that allows contract code snippets to be easily shared between users.

Moving forward, NEO-ONE will focus its efforts on implementing compatibility with Neo3. The team will also begin making improvements to the NeoTracker explorer.

With NEO-ONE now able to deploy Neo contracts to the MainNet, DiCarlo had only one thing left to say to curious developers:

“Go try NEO-ONE.”

NEO-ONE’s 2.0 announcement can be found at the below link: