Neo has announced a new partnership with SubQuery that will make the network’s decentralized data indexing and RPC solutions available to developers on the Neo X TestNet. Neo X will also be supported in SubQuery’s managed hosting service free tier.

SubQuery is the first service of its kind to join the Neo X TestNet as Neo seeks to make typical Web3 dApp infrastructure available to application builders. The team offers a number of tools for integration, including an open-source SDK, documentation, and a developer support channel.

Developers will be able to use a decentralized network of data providers from the SubQuery ecosystem to query data. This can include standard RPC methods, basic contract indexing, or custom indexing solutions. Projects may also opt to act as network data providers, incentivized via SQT token rewards.

In addition to its indexing network, SubQuery offers a managed project hosting service. Applications can use the service under a “free forever” tier to get started and adjust their plan to meet any changing scaling needs. Projects on the managed service will be able to join the project explorer page, where users can peruse index logs and perform example queries in a GraphQL playground.

A starter template has been provided to demonstrate setting up a custom Neo X indexer, using approval and transfer events on the GhostMarket ERC-20 token contract.

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