Neo-CLI v3.4, the latest version of the official N3 node client, has been released. The new build adds additional token data to the TokenTracker plugin, a new native contract method, and several bug fixes.

Validators on the T5 TestNet were updated on August 10, while the MainNet update is scheduled for August 24. Node operators will need to resync their nodes due to native contract and VM changes.

One of the major improvements in v3.4 are changes to the ApplicationEngine that enables contracts to load a read-only script dynamically at runtime. This enhancement makes it possible for users to store custom logic into a contract for execution, rather than only fixed value parameters.

A new method “HasMethod” was added to the ContractManagement native contract, making it easy for a contract to check if a method exists in a contract without parsing the ABI. Code for handling JSON was moved into a separate project.

On the bug fixing front, an issue where a contract could be deployed with an out-of-bounds method offset was resolved. Other fixes include removal of duplicated data from the NEP-11 tracker, and changes to address a potential reentrancy bug in the Oracle service.

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