Neo SPCC has announced Preview5-compatibility in NeoFS nodes. The new release, v0.15.0 Seunyudo, makes use of the most recent NeoGo update and also introduces payment distribution from the InnerRing nodes to storage nodes for the first time.

Another notable change is the move away from astronomical time to a block-based timing system. The current default epoch duration of 3600 seconds would instead correspond to 240 blocks, though this number could be adjusted by InnerRing nodes.

Storage node payments

Payment functionality is a key piece of the NeoFS network, enabling storage nodes to be paid based on the quantity of data they store. Assets are collected from deposits made by storage container owners, based on the average size and a basic income rate.

Once an epoch, storage nodes will check the storage size of each container it stores locally and send the estimation to rendezvous nodes. These nodes check estimates and calculate the average volume size based on the 90th percentile, which prevents malicious nodes from overestimating their storage usage to cheat the network out of additional payments.

Nodes that failed data audits are excluded from the payouts, adding another layer of defense against dishonest nodes.

Location identity

The NeoFS network uses a deterministic data placement function through the use of its network map. This map details information such as the geographic location of storage nodes, an attribute provided by each node.

This requires strict formatting on how a location is defined, something that is particularly problematic when a place can be written in different ways (e.g. St Petersburg and Saint Petersburg).

To resolve the issue, Neo SPCC opted to use UN/LOCODE as its location identifiers, which encodes countries, cities, and major transports hubs. A global NeoFS node location database has been created to manage positioning, cross-referencing boundary coordinates against the OpenFlights database for extra precision when computing the correct region.

A full changelog can be found at the link below: