Neo SPCC has released new updates for NeoGo which bring it in line with the latest changes in Neo N3 RC4. Across two releases, the team added initial RC4 support with new functionality before further refining the node with additional CLI commands and bug fixes.

The latest changes in v0.96.0, the initial NeoGo release for RC4, closely follow those found in the core release. Updates include the new system calls for fetching a random number or the network magic number, a CLI command for checking transaction status, and support for importing blocks from incremental chain dumps. Meanwhile, a number of optimizations at the VM and protocol levels will help ensure fast and stable operation.

A follow up release, v0.96.1, provided further improvements to the node. New governance commands in the CLI, RPC support for GetStateHeight, and numerous dependency updates to increase stability. The team included bug fixes in both updates, the former mostly focusing on the Oracle system and VM, and the latter addressing inconsistencies in RPC results against those returned from the C# node.

V0.96.1 is the current version in use on the N3 RC4 TestNet, and can be used to run regular nodes, RPC services, or to participate in consensus. Most changes moving forward will focus on performance improvements and the introduction of new features specific to NeoGo.

Developers can download the latest release at the following link: