Neo SPCC has released NeoGo v0.101.0. The update remains compatible with Neo v3.5 and includes a number of bug fixes, with most affecting the RPC system and smart contract compiler.

The most noteworthy change in the new release is a fix for an off-by-one error in Transfer notifications retrieved from block application logs. Actual balances and transaction application logs were unaffected by the bug. Other RPC adjustments include changes to the getapplicationlog and findstates calls, aligning their respective responses with those given by NeoCLI nodes.

In the compiler, a change was made to correct an issue where use of a shadowed variable could lead to an infinite loop. Other listed fixes for v0.101.0 include corrections for outdated VM CLI and consensus documentation, and a solution for occasional peer disconnections caused by a node requesting an invalid number of blocks from other nodes.

Various other improvements were also included in the update. An optimization was made to the way NEP-17 transfer data is stored in the database for use over RPC, and two changes were made to improve developer experience: the NeoGo CLI’s contract RPC wrapper generator received improved help messages and flag information, and the network magic number will now be stored to use as a check against the configured setting, helping prevent node operational errors.

Due to database changes in the update, resynchronization will be required by node runners.

A full changelog and download links may be found at the link below: