Neo SPCC has open-sourced its HTTP gateway for NeoFS. The release makes it possible to meet any use case, such as smart contract backend integration or hosting traditional web applications. For a live example, the following link serves a cat picture stored on NeoFS through such a gateway.

The basic role of a HTTP gateway is to provide a web-friendly access point to interact with NeoFS, such as reading data from a storage container or uploading new objects to the network. However, the client also acts as a technical demonstration of how to integrate NeoFS into a project or build other services that work with the NeoFS API.

The HTTP gateway is also the primary component in the NeoFS.CDN, intended to further aid in the decentralization of dApps while maintaining general usability.

In the announcement, the team provided a guide on how to run the gateway and use it to interact with objects stored on the NeoFS network. Users are also shown how to upload images to the network through the HTTP gateways and noted potential avenues to handle permission in dApps.

The latest release of the HTTP gateway can be found at the link below: