Neo SPCC has announced the release of NeoGo v0.106.2, a minor update that is fully compatible with Neo 3.7.5 and the upcoming Domovoi hard fork.

The update provides a fix for the contract call permissions vulnerability. After the hard fork height, the executing contract state will be used to check contract call permissions instead of the updated contract state.

Other small adjustments include modifications to log behaviors, as well as NeoFS-specific improvements. NeoGo does not include the fix for the VM item refcounting issue found in the GetNotifications handler of the C# node, as this bug was not present in the Go implementation. As a result, there may be minor application log differences for TestNet transactions occurring before the Domovoi hard fork, as getting a perfect state match for the reference implementation would require breaking the pre-Domovoi NeoGo node for minimal benefit.

The Domovoi hard fork is scheduled to occur at block height 5,570,000 on MainNet and block height 4,144,000 on TestNet. Users should upgrade in a timely manner and ensure their config files are set up for the hard fork. Resynchronization is not required.

The full release notes may be found at the link below: