NeoFS is now deployed and available for all users through the N3 TestNet following its recent launch by Neo St Petersburg Competence Center. The team also provided instructions for interacting with NeoFS using a NeoGo node.

In the initial release, NeoFS supports object uploading from any user through CLI interfaces. In the future, it will also be possible for users to run their own storage nodes or access the network through more user-friendly interfaces.

To accompany the release, Neo SPCC has begun the creation of a NeoFS beginners guide. The first installment walks the user through downloading and running NeoGo, then using it to create a wallet. After filling it with GAS from the official faucet, the user can then deposit to the NeoFS account and begin storing data on the network. Finally, Neo SPCC shows how to download the object or perform searches on metadata.

An HTTP gateway will also be made available, providing a simple web-based alternative for less technical users. A future article will be released to demonstrate its usage. Others will also follow, covering the use of storage policies, complex access controls, and S3 gateways.

It should also be noted that stored data may be cleared during the TestNet period. Users that encounter problems with NeoFS can reach the team at or file issues where relevant on GitHub.