NeoSPCC has released NeoGo v0.99.3. The new version implements most of the remaining refactoring work for the RPC client which began in v0.99.2. The overhaul is designed to provide new APIs that can simplify backend code for applications.

The Invoker package introduced in the last release was created to handle test invocations and script executions, including historic calls which operate on old state data. In v0.99.3, the interface was extended with support for session-based iterators and used to bring historic call functionality to the CLI.

Similarly, the Actor package—designed to handle transaction creation, signing, and sending—was applied to simplify other NeoGo services. An actor for the Notary service was created to provide a more user-friendly way to create notary-assisted transactions over RPC.

PR #2681 documents the addition of code comments and examples related to the new tools, making it a good resource for developers looking to benefit from the changes in their own applications. Examples demonstrate use of Actor for simple NEP-11/17 token transfers and notary transactions, in addition to the use of Invoker for read-only operations such as token balance querying and iterator traversal.

Other changes include new RPC wrappers for NEP-11 tokens and native contracts, and support for offline signing in the CLI. Node operators will not need to resynchronize their node when upgrading to v0.99.3.

The full changelog can be viewed at the following link: