NEXT has updated the Chrome, Android, and iOS versions of its NeoLine wallet with support for NeoNS domains. The integration makes it possible for users to send and receive assets using their domain names or subdomains instead of an N3 public address.

NeoNS domain names are issued as standard NFTs, making them compatible with any Neo N3 wallet that supports NFTs. However, for more advanced functionality, such as resolution of a domain record to another piece of data, like a public address, deeper integration with NeoNS itself is required. Following the update, NeoLine has become the first N3 wallet to use NeoNS for domain to address resolution.

In order to use a domain name in place of an N3 public address, the owner of the domain will need to create an on-chain record. This can be done in the domain’s records tab in the My Account section of the NeoNS website by setting the host to @, the type to TEXT, and finally the record value to the desired receiving address.

Users can also create subdomains and use them as pointers to the same or other addresses. For example, creating a TEXT record on example.neo where the host is news and the record value is a different address would make news.example.neo resolve to the new address, as shown in the image above.

More information about using NeoNS may be found in the website’s FAQ section.

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