NeoResearch has announced the release of NeoCompiler Eco v3, bringing the web-based smart contract development environment up to date with N3 RC1. Developers can access a full suite of tools for testing, compiling, deploying, and invoking smart contracts.

NeoCompiler Eco makes it easy for developers to test out Neo smart contract development without any initial setup. Accessed through the browser, developers can experiment with RPC requests, transactions, or test invoke their own custom contracts from any Internet-connected device.

Currently, the N3 version only supports compilation for C# contracts. Though, in the future, compilers for Python, Java, and Go could also be added. Contracts are deployed by default to a shared private network, operated by the team with a one second block time for fast feedback. However, support for official N3 TestNet deployment is also in the works.

Alongside the basic tools for contract development, NeoCompiler Eco also provides a range of other convenient functions. Examples include a page of useful converters, e.g. public address <-> script hash, and temporary retention (via the activity tab) of application logs for transactions relayed by the user.

The announcement can be found at the link below: