Following on from the launch of its Send.NeoFS service, Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (NeoSPCC) has published the source code for its CLI application, NeoFS Proto library, and released a demo wallet to facilitate easy network testing by users.

TestNet Wallet

To improve the accessibility for users looking to test out NeoFS, NeoSPCC has released a TestNet wallet. This wallet allows users to request NEP-5 GAS and GAS tokens, allowing them to make deposits to the NeoFS network.

After making a deposit, testers will be able to use NeoFS CLI to create containers, upload objects, and view objects in browser through the use of an HTTP gateway. Instructions on these steps have been included in the original article.

Separate instructions have also been provided for using neo-python to deposit test funds to use on the network. It is also possible to manually require GAS and NEP-5 GAS for an existing address on the Neo2 TestNet through the use of an automatic faucet.


The NeoFS CLI is a tool that allows developers to integrate with NeoFS, providing support for all standard operations such as creating containers and storage groups, uploading objects, and accounting procedures like checking balances or handling withdrawals.

By making the CLI open source, NeoSPCC intends to help developers get started building applications that work with the NeoFS storage network through the different nodes. Every node on the network can be used as a gateway to interact with NeoFS.

A readme has been provided that covers how to build and configure the CLI, and also offers examples of how to use included functions.

NeoFS Proto

The core structures and services for NeoFS nodes are implemented as part of the NeoFS Proto library, which is divided into 13 packages—one dedicated to each structure. For example, the accounting package defines how user balances are requested, and the query package provides the format for object searches in the network.

Both the NeoFS CLI and Send.NeoFS website serve as examples of applications that use the NeoFS Proto library to integrate with the network, however brief documentation for each function has also been provided.

According to NeoSPCC, new components will be published after further testing and development of the NeoFS Node. The team encourages users to continue using the Send.NeoFS service, the wallet, and NeoFS CLI in order to help its efforts in gathering metrics and feedback.

Testers with suggestions or other feedback are welcome to submit their thoughts at