Neo Saint Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) has announced the release of its S3 protocol gateway for NeoFS, now available as part of neofs-local. This is the second gateway implemented by the team, following the HTTP gateway demonstrated by the Send.NeoFS service.

The S3 protocol was built by Amazon and launched as part of Amazon Web Services (AWS), designed to provide clients with scalable cloud object storage. Since then it has become one of the most popular cloud storage options. By adding support for S3, Neo SPCC hopes to help onboard existing applications on to NeoFS.

Neo SPCC’s S3 gateway is based on MinIO and allows S3 buckets to be mapped to NeoFS containers, allowing objects stored on NeoFS to be accessed through S3 as required. Currently it is not possible to create or delete S3 buckets through the gateway, this must instead be done via the neofs-cli client.

Upload objects via HTTP gateway and retrieve them through the S3 gateway (Source: Neo SPCC)

Developers interested in experimenting with the S3 gateway may do so with neofs-local. After running make local_minio, the MinIO S3 UI will be made available at the localhost:9001 address. Default access keys may be found or modified here. To test the service, users can upload files over the HTTP gateway at localhost:7001 and access them through the MinIO UI.