NeoSPCC published its first NeoGo release compatible with the Neo core v3.6.0 update. The team implemented the full range of new protocol features, such as Groth16 zero-knowledge proof verification, while additionally making substantial improvements to the contract binding generator and RPC infrastructure.

RPC updates affected both the client and server-side, introducing standardized error codes and response errors. A new set of RPC calls are now supported: getrawnotarypool and getrawnotarytransaction for debugging interactions with the notary service, a historic version of the getstorage call, and finally the new findstorage API plus a historic counterpart.

Other developer conveniences in the release include util ops, a CLI utility for decoding NeoVM scripts, and various RPC binding generator enhancements. These changes simplify the developer experience of interpreting script logic and interacting with smart contracts respectively.

Several bug fixes were included in v0.102.0, notable examples including an invalid port type in the getpeers RPC response, a missing signers check for on-chain transaction conflicts, and a failure in CALLT instructions in NEF files loaded into the VM CLI.

NeoSPCC updated NeoGo’s roadmap to account for upcoming required changes to node configuration files. Various other planned deprecations and their timelines are also detailed, such as those to outdated RPC client and WebSocket subscription APIs.

Node operators should update their configuration files to account for the Basilisk hard fork, scheduled for block 2,680,000 and block 4,120,000 for TestNet and MainNet respectively. As with NeoCLI nodes, NeoGo nodes will also require storage resynchronization with this update.

The release and changelog can be found at the link below: