NewEconoLabs has released its development report for the first half of May, in which it notes further progress on the NNS DEX, Teemo extension wallet, and other projects.

NEO Name Service

To begin the report, NEL noted the completion of the static page for its domain name trading services. This includes modules for the selling market, the buying market, transaction history, open orders, order initiation, and other related details.

The team also completed the account setting page, bringing it to 90% completion for the static pages that comprise the front-end. NEL is now preparing to implement the background logic functions.

Work has also begun on background interfaces, including a contract that allows an asset’s precision to be analysed and matched, which will be used by the DEX. Other background functions have also been developed, including a balance inquiry function and summaries for contract address balances, sales data, and domain purchase data.

dAPI Proposal

NEL has continued its contributions to the NEO dAPI standard proposal, including several newly proposed methods and events that have now been included in the proposed standard. The dAPI standard now includes methods for retrieving information about a specific block or transaction and includes events for tracking block height changes and transaction confirmation.

Several NNS-specific methods were rejected after being deemed inappropriate for the standard, though they have been included as extension methods in the Teemo wallet version of the dAPI. These will be included in the v1.2.0 release.

Teemo Extension Wallet

The majority of changes made to the Teemo extension wallet in May have been focused on the user experience, most notably including updated Chinese/English language switching functionality. Users will now be able to change to English from the starting page.

The team also provided an ‘About Us’ section, including information about the wallet, a website link, privacy policy, terms of use, and a disclaimer. Assorted operational bugs and styling issues have also been resolved.

As noted previously, methods required by NNS have also been implemented into the Teemo dAPI, which has also seen improvements to its testing example. Developers will no longer need to specify the network field when calling an interface if they are using the default network.

Teemo v1.2.0 is expected for release in mid-May and can be downloaded from the Chrome web store.

Other News

NEL also reported further research into a constant product-based token liquidity protocol, similar to the goals of the Ethereum-based Uniswap. A trading pair template has been designed and tested.

The team reported that it has continued discussions with NEO Global Development regarding the transaction cost calculation changes. According to NEL, NGD has indicated the potential to change the cost calculation from byte-based to kilobyte-based for the portion of a transaction that exceeds 1024 bytes. This change is expected to “reducing the difficulty of constructing a legitimate transaction body.”

Finally, NEL concluded its report by noting its participation in the third NEO developer community conference call, where it discussed community development, issues, and proposed suggestions alongside other development-focused entities in the NEO ecosystem.