NGD Enterprise has released the first preview of Neo WorkNet. The new tool that makes it easy for developers to test their smart contracts on a private fork of MainNet or other public networks. Head of development for the team, Harry Pierson, shared an introduction to the tool on Twitter.

Neo WorkNet is the latest addition to the Neo Blockchain Toolkit, making use of the Neo N3 StateService functionality which also powers the Neo Express contract download feature. Similar to contract download, Neo WorkNet retrieves real network state data from a target public network.

However, WorkNet functions on a much larger scale, replicating the entire state rather than the storage records for a single contract. This makes it especially useful for testing smart contracts with complex interactions, especially those that interact with multiple deployed contracts at a time.

Developers can install Neo WorkNet as a dotnet tool in the same manner as several other tools in the Toolkit. After installing, the create command can be used to define a branch point with a public blockchain such as MainNet or TestNet. This new WorkNet branch can then be run locally. More information about how to work with the new tool can be found in the command reference.

Users can get started with Neo WorkNet at the link below: