NGD Enterprise has released new versions of Neo Express and Visual DevTracker for N3. Express received new functionality in the form of policy commands and an error to remind users to enable oracles before attempting to get oracle responses.

The new policy commands make it easy for developers to modify GAS fees on their private network. Using policy set, the network fee per byte, execution fee factor, and storage fee factor can all be adjusted by providing a new value and designating the council account as signer (genesis wallet by default).

Using the Express batch command to set current MainNet fee policy settings on a newly created private network instance

Other supported policy commands include the ability to block or unblock an account or contract and check the current block status. Aside from governance features, other changes include the contract hash command, which determines the resulting hash from a provided nef file being deployed by a given account, and the ability to define a network’s default blocks per second setting in its config file.

A new build of the Visual DevTracker was also published alongside the Express update. Changes in this new version are minor, with the only adjustments being a switch to the new Express release and alterations to the TestNet seed node list.

The DevTracker can be updated through the VS Code marketplace. The new version of Express can be downloaded from the command line or via the following link: