Neo Global Development (NGD) Seattle has published new insider versions of Neo Express and the Neo Smart Contract Debugger, adding support for the recent Neo3 Preview3 release.

The new versions provide developers with a quick way to experiment with the latest changes and improvements, particularly to the smart contract system. Among the new features in Preview3 is try/catch exception handling in contracts, which will be fully supported in a future release of the Neo Blockchain Toolkit.

To allow developers to use both the production Neo2 versions of the tools alongside the new Neo3 preview versions, the tools are using a temporary alternate naming scheme. After installing the Preview3 version of Neo Express, it can be accessed through the command line as nxp3.

The Preview3 debugger version is available as a .vsix file for installation into VS Code. The debugger requires a standard debug info format to operate, so a Preview3-compatible version of the Neon C# compiler has also been included with the release that can generate the required file. It can be accessed under the tool name neon3 from the command line following installation.